Telemetry Tab

Telemetry Tab

The VM Telemetry tab displays high-level data on thread activity and memory heap and garbage collection in the VM.

To open the VM Telemetry tab, click the Telemetry Overview button ( Telemetry overview button ) in the Profiler window while the application is being profiled.

The graphs display data on the following processes:

  • Threads (Statistics).
    The current and maximum number of threads in the profiled application JVM.
  • Memory (Heap).
    Total and used size. These are the figures that a Java application can obtain using the java.lang.Runtime.totalMemory() and java.lang.Runtime.freeMemory() calls.
  • Memory (GC).
    Relative time spent in Garbage Collection and the number of surviving generations

Telemetry tab

The following buttons in the toolbar of the VM Telemetry tab enable you to modify the view:

Zoom In

Increases the detail of the graph

Zoom Out

Decreases the detail of the graph


Modifies the display of data so that the entire graph fits in the window

You can select a region of the graph with your cursor to see that region in greater detail. Use the Zoom Out button to decrease the detail.

If Enable Thread Monitoring was selected, the Threads (Timeline) and Threads (Details) tabs also appear in the VM Telemetry tab.

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