Profiling Results

Profiling Results

Profiling results are displayed in the Profiling Results tab in the Source Editor window.

The results displayed depend upon the profiling task selected.

  • Memory Usage
    When you profile memory usage, the Profiling Results tab shows data on object creation and allocation. To profile memory usage, choose Analyze Memory Usage or select Memory Profiling in the Custom Profile.
  • Application Performance
    When you profile application performance, the Profiling Results tab shows the total execution time and number of invocations for each method. To profile application performance, choose Analyze Performance or select CPU Profiling in the Custom Profile.
  • Code Fragment Performance
    When you analyze code fragment performance, the results in the Profiling Results tab displays the time it takes to execute an piece of code within one method, or the whole method.

Profiling Results tab

To open the Profiling Results tab in the Source Editor window, click the Live Results button ( Live Results ) in the Profiler window.

CPU profiling

Profiling Results Toolbar

The buttons on the Profiling Results toolbar enable you to perform the following basic tasks:


Clicking this button starts the Autorefresh feature. When Autorefresh is on, the displayed profiling results are automatically updated at short intervals (about 2 seconds). Click the button again to turn off the feature.

Take Snapshot

Clicking this button takes a snapshot of the current profile data. When you take a snapshot, the snapshot is opened in a new tab in the Source Editor.

Reset Collected Results

Clicking this button discards the already accumulated profiling results.

Run GC

Clicking this button runs the garbage collection task.

Filtering results

The filter box at the bottom of the Profiling Results tab enables you to filter the displayed results according to the name of the method. To filter the results, enter a term in the method name filter box, select which filtering method to use and press Return. You can see and select previous filter terms by clicking the arrow to the right of the method name filter box.

To restore the full unfiltered list of methods, click Clear Filter ( Clear Filter ) to the right of the method name filter box.


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