Profiler Overview

Profiler Overview

NetBeans Profiler integrates the JFluid profiling technology, which is being developed by Sun, into the NetBeans IDE. NetBeans Profiler provides a powerful and flexible profiling solution that is tightly integrated into the IDE workflow.

As the size and complexity of Java applications grow, optimizing the applications becomes increasingly important and keeping their performance at the required level becomes progressively difficult. If application profiling is to become a natural part of the development work cycle, the process of application profiling needs to be easy-to-use and as unobtrusive as possible - and the JFluid technology that we use, with dynamic bytecode instrumentation at its heart, suits this goal perfectly.

The following windows and tools are used when profiling:

Select Profiling Task Dialog box

The Select Profiling Task dialog box is the main interface for running profiles. The dialog box allows you to choose from four predefined profiling commands and to customize profile settings.

Profiler Window

The Profiler window appears in the left pane of the IDE. The Profiler window contains the controls for controlling the profiling tasks, displaying profiling results and managing profiling snapshots.

Profiling Results Tab

The Profiling Results tab opens in the Source Editor window and displays the results of the profiling command. The contents of this window vary according to the type of profiling command.

VM Telemetry Overview

VM Telemetry Overview tab opens in the Output window of the IDE and displays high-level data on thread activity and memory heap and garbage collection in the VM. You can open the VM Telemetry Overview by clicking the VM Telemetry button in the Profiler window.

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Profiler was started in November 2009, is owned by Tomas Hurka, and has 61 members.
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