Analyze Memory Usage

Analyze Memory Usage

The Analyze Memory Usage task gives you data on objects that have been allocated in the target application.

How to profile Memory Usage

  1. Choose Profile -> Profile Main Project ( Profile Main Project ) from the main menu.
  2. Select Analyze Memory Usage.
  3. Select one of the following profiling options:
    • Record object creation
    • Record both object creation and garbage collection

    (For more information on these options, see below.)

  4. Click Run at the bottom of the dialog box to launch the application and start the task.

To display profiling results, click the Live Results button ( Live Results ) in the Profiler window. The results are displayed in the Profiling Results tab.

Memory Profiling options

There are two predefined profiling options:

  • Record object creation (Object Allocation Profiling)

    This option gives you information about the number, type, and location of objects that have been allocated. Once you enable Object Allocation profiling, all classes currently loaded by the target JVM (and each new class as it is loaded) are instrumented to produce information about object allocations. For more, see Object Allocation Results.

  • Record both object creation and garbage collection (Object Liveness Profiling)

    This option provides additional information about how many objects of each type are still alive, as well as data on live objects. The results are displayed in the Object Liveness Results.

The first profiling mode is a functional subset of the second. The reason for having both is that pure object allocation profiling has a smaller performance and memory overhead.

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