Profiler Window

Profiler Window

The Profiler window is displayed in the left pane of the IDE when you run Profiler. You can open the Profiler window by choosing Window > Profiling > Profiler Control Panel.

The Profiler window contains the controls that enable you to do the following:

  • Control the profiling task
  • See the status of the current profiling task
  • Display profiling results
  • Manage profiling results snapshots
  • See basic telemetry statistics


The control buttons in the Profiler window are used to perform the following tasks

ReRun last Profiling (Ctrl-Shift-F2)
Run the last profiling command again.
Stop (Shift-F2)
Stops the current profiling command. Also stops the target application if the application was started by Profiler.
Run GC
Runs Garbage Collection.
Modify Profiling (Alt-Shift-F2)
Opens the Profile Class dialog box and allows you to run a new profiling command without stopping the target application.
Telemetry Overview
Opens the VM Telemetry Overview in the Output window of the IDE, displaying smaller versions of the telemetry graphs.


This section displays the status and type of the current profiling task.

Profiling Results

This section contains the following buttons to open the graphical display of monitoring data:

Telemetry tab button Take Snapshot

When you click this button, a snapshot of the profiling information at the moment opens in the Source Editor window. When you close the snapshot tab, you can choose to save the snapshot. When you save the snapshot the name of the snapshot is added to the list of snapshots in the Saved Snapshots seciton.

Live Results button Live Results

When you click the Live Results button, the results of the current profiling task open in the Profiling Results tab.

Reset Collected Results

Discards the already accumulated profiling results.

Saved Snapshots

This section enables you to manage the profile snapshots associated with your project. When you select an open project in the combo box, the saved snapshots associated with that project are displayed. Double-clicking the name of the snapshot opens the snapshot in the Source Editor window.


This section contains the following buttons to open the graphical display of monitoring data:

Telemetry tab button VM Telemetry

The Telemetry button opens the VM Telemetry tab. The VM Telemetry tab displays high-level data on thread activity and memory heap and garbage collection in the VM.

Threads tab button Threads

The Threads button in the Profiler opens the Threads tab.
When Enable Threads Monitoring is selected in the Select Profiling Task dialog box, application thread activity is displayed in the Threads tab. You can also click the Threads button in the Threads tab to start thread monitoring.

Basic Telemetry

This section presents high-level information about the current profile task. You can see the graphic presentation of this information by clicking VM Telemetry and Threads in the View section.

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