About the NetBeans Profiler Project

About the NetBeans Profiler Project

JFluid Profiling Technology

NetBeans Profiler integrates the JFluid profiling technology, which is being developed by Sun, into the NetBeans IDE. NetBeans Profiler provides a powerful and flexible profiling solution that is tightly integrated into the IDE workflow.

As the size and complexity of Java applications grow, optimizing the applications becomes increasingly important and keeping their performance at the required level becomes progressively difficult. If application profiling is to become a natural part of the development work cycle, the process of application profiling needs to be easy-to-use and as unobtrusive as possible - and the JFluid technology, with dynamic bytecode instrumentation at its heart, suits this goal perfectly.

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Mailing Lists

There are several ways you can get involved in the Profiler project:

We will also be setting up a small, limited user forum for users who are willing to work closer with the development team throughout the development cycle, to help shape the profiler to the fields of people who will actually use it in the end. If you would be interested in participating, send e-mail to feedback@profiler.netbeans.org



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About this Project

Profiler was started in November 2009, is owned by Tomas Hurka, and has 62 members.
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