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Run Custom Profiling

In Custom Profiling mode, you have complete control over all of the internal profiling settings available. You start custom profiling by choosing the Run Custom Profiling from the Select Profiling Task dialog box.

Custom Profiling Configurations

You can create, store and assign names to separate sets of custom profiling settings in individual profiling configurations. These configurations are automatically saved between IDE work sessions so that they can be reused and can be named.

When you select Run Custom Profiling, the box expands to display a list of the existing configurations. You can select and run a configuration from the list, create a new custom configuration or edit an existing configuration.

Custom Profiling

To Run a Custom Configuration

  1. Select Run Custom Profiling in the Select Profiling Task dialog box.
  2. Select one of the following profiling options:
    • Run an existing configuration

      Select a configuration from the list and click Run.

    • Create a new configuration

      Click New to bring up the New Custom Profiling box.

    • Edit an existing configuration

      Select an existing configuration and click Edit to bring up the Edit Custom Profiling box.

    For more on these options, see Editing and Creating Custom Profiling Configurations.

  3. Click Run at the bottom of the dialog box to launch the application and start the task.

To display profiling results, click the Live Results button ( Live Results ) in the Profiler window. The results are displayed in the Profiling Results tab.

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