Profiler Options

Profiler Options

The Profiler Options dialog box enables you to specify the Java platform and the communication port that Profiler uses to communicate with the target Java Virtual Machine (JVM). (For more on JVMs, see Supported Platforms.) You can manage the Java platforms available in the drop-down list by clicking Manage Platforms and opening the Java Platform Manager.

The Profiler Options window also enables you to modify the behavior of some of the windows when profiling an application.

To modify Profiler options, choose Tools > Options from the IDE main menu and select the Profiler category in the left pane of the Options window.

Profiler Options Dialog

Java platform settings

The Profiler Java Platform drop-down list enables you to specify the target JVM to use when profiling your application. The default JVM is the JVM the IDE is running on. The drop-down list lists the available Java platforms. To add or remove a platform, click Manage Platforms to open the Java Platform Manager.

You can also change the communication port that Profiler listens to. The default port is 5140.

Profiling session setting

You can specify the behavior of results tabs when starting a profiling session. From the drop-down list, select when you want the Telemetry and Threads tabs to open. For example, if you want the Telemetry tab to open every time you start a profiling session, select Always from the combo box.

You can also specify whether you want the Profiling Results tab to open when a profiling session starts.

Snapshot settings

You can specify the behavior of the Snapshot tab when taking snapshots.

Dialog box settings

Clicking Reset automatically resets the Do Not Show checkbox in all dialog boxes to unselected.

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