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Profiling Results - Application Performance

When you analyze application performance, the results in the Profiling Results tab displays data on the time and number of invocations for executing each method.

Application performance is profiled when you choose the following profiling tasks:

The Profiling Results tab

To open the Profiling Results tab, click the Live Results button ( Live Results ) in the Profiler window.

You can make Profiler update the displayed profiling results automatically at short intervals (about 2 seconds) by clicking the Update Results Automatically button ( Auto-refresh button ) in the toolbar.

Application performance results

Working inside the results

You can right-click any profiling result to access the following commands:

  • Go To Source.

    For the current method, Profiler loads the source .java file and scrolls to this method's location in the code.

  • Add to Instrumentation Roots.

    Adds the current method to the list of roots for partial application profiling.

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