Profiling Tasks


Profiling Tasks

The Select Profiling Task dialog box is the main interface for selecting and running profiles.

Choosing a profiling command

The dialog box gives you five different ways of profiling the target application. The first four items correspond to predefined profiling commands. The last command, Run Custom Profiling, allows you to create your own custom profiling configuration.

You can choose from the following profiling commands:

  • Monitor Application

    This profile command returns high-level information about several important properties of the target JVM, including thread activity and memory usage.

  • Analyze Performance

    This profile command returns detailed data on application performance. You can choose to analyze the entire application, part of the application, or startup performance.

  • Analyze Code Fragment Performance

    This profile command returns data on the performance of the code fragment you specify.

  • Analyze Memory Usage

    This profile command returns data on object allocation and garbage collection.

  • Run Custom Profiling

    This command is for running custom profiling configurations. You can create, edit and save these custom configurations, allowing you to control all the internal profile settings.

When you click on a profiling command the box expands, displaying a brief explanation of the command and, for some tasks, allowing you to set some profiling options. Clicking Run at the bottom of the dialog box launches the target application and starts the selected profiling command.

Only one task, i.e. one kind of profiling, can be active for the profiled application at the given time (note, however, that monitoring is always active, even when another task is chosen, since its overhead is very low).

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