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Monitor Application

When you choose the Monitor Application option, the target application is started without any instrumentation. The results display only high-level information about several important properties of the target JVM.

How To Run The Monitor Application Command

  1. Choose Profile > Profile Main Project ( Profile Main Project ) from the main menu to open the Select Profiling Task dialog box.
  2. Choose Monitor Application. The only option available is Enable Threads Monitoring. (Select Enable Thread Monitoring to get more detailed information about thread activity in the target application.)
  3. Click Run at the bottom of the dialog box to launch the application and start the monitoring task.

To view monitoring results

When monitoring the application, the results are displayed in the VM Telemetry tab and the Threads tab in the Source Editor. Use the buttons in the View section of the Profiler window to open the tabs.

Telemetry tab button VM Telemetry

Click the Telemetry button in the Profiler window to open the VM Telemetry tab.
The Telemetry tab displays high-level data on thread activity and memory heap and garbage collection in the VM.

Threads tab button Threads

Click the Threads button in the Profiler window to open the Threads tab.
When Enable Threads Monitoring is selected in the Select Profiling Task dialog box, application thread activity is displayed in the Threads tab. You can also click the Threads button in the Threads tab to start thread monitoring.

Profiler monitors the application during all profiling tasks. You can click the Threads and Telemetry buttons when running any profiling task to open the tabs.

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